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Dry Product

Image ID Product Name
Hashbrowns Redi-Shred Dry 35533 Hashbrowns Redi-Shred Dry
6/2.13# 71341 Golden Grill(R) Redi-Shred(R) Hashbrown Potato No Salt Added, Low Sodium, 330 half-cup servings per case, patties easy, grills fast, 6/2.5 lb.
Refried Bean Dry Dehydrated 40181 Refried Bean Dry Dehydrated
6/31oz 82948 Most authentic recipe with smooth texture and extra quick, 5-min refresh. Great for restaurant operators. Yield: 138, 4-oz servings per case (23 servings per pouch). Santiago® Beans deliver authentic taste and texture in minutes; made with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

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